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Dyan Marie CV

Dyan Marie’s work include sculpture, text, images and place-making through projects of public art, curating, walking systems, publications, banner projects, community initiatives, festivals and poetry events. A founder of C Magazine, Cold City Gallery, DIG IN, Walk Here, Dupont Projects, BIG: Bloor Improvement Group and the BIG On Bloor Festival. Her organization How We Live In Cities responds to climate change and population shift with art and ecology projects. Presently she is harvesting seeds gathered on walks along the railway lines, city lane-ways, industrial grey-lands and as offered from private front yards, parks and community spaces, for the making of the Eden Archive. The Eden Archive is a project of images, poems and gardens. Dyan is the recipient of a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Canadian Urban Institute’s City Soul, a Davenport Environment recipient and 2017 Kathy Acker Award among other art, ecology and community building honours. dyanmarie.com civicstudies.ca


University of Waterloo, MFA 2008 – 2010 ­
Graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design, AOCAD, 1974 – 1977

University Teaching Experience
Ontario College of Art, senior photographer in residence, 2013
University of Waterloo, relational aesthetics, 2010
University of Waterloo, digital image making, 2002, 2009
Dundas Valley School of Art, sculpture, 1989
University of Guelph, advanced sculpture, 1988

Selected Talks / Lectures

2017, Dyan Marie Artist Talk, Concordia University
2017, Inspiring Voices, Key Note address, Centennial College, Daniels Spectrum, Toronto
2017, Place and Placement, Ryerson Life Institute, Toronto
2016, Art and Ecology: Mapping West End Cultural Assets. B.I.G., Toronto
2016, The Conversationalist, Scrap Metal Gallery with the Ontario College of Art and Design University 
2015, Art and Cultural Projects for Vital Main Street Corridors, Toronto Economic Development, City Hall, Toronto
2014, For A Good Time: Community Art Responding to Suicide and Sanctuaries, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario
2014 Field Trip, Idea Exchange, School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario
2013 City, Art and People, Symposium, Enokojima Art, Culture, and Creative Centre, Osaka, Japan
2013 City Works of Dyan Marie, Ontario College of Art and Design
2012 Cities / Bodies, University of Toronto, Toronto
2012 Dyan Marie and Jen Dobson, Toronto School of Art, Toronto
2012 Spring Box, The Box, Toronto
2011 The Art Of Participation, TransCultural Exchange, Boston
2010 My City Is Still Breathing, Art and City Panel, Winnipeg
2010 The Architecture of Neighbourhood, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2008 Creative Fusion, Centennial Centre for Creative Communications College, Toronto
2008 Bringing Art Into The Community, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2007 Public Art Forum: Delight and Move, Halifax Regional Municipality, Halifax
2007 Artist Urban Plans: An International Symposium, Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor
2006 Green Conference, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2006 Natural City Conference, University of Toronto
2006 Curating Cold City, University of Toronto:
2006 Cold City Years, Power Plant, Toronto
2004, 05 Sustainable Cities, George Brown, Toronto
2004, Brantford Ideas Conference, Brantford
2002-07, WALK HERE: schools, clubs, community centers with DIG IN
2002, Creating artists’ live/work space, YYZ


Selected Projects

2017 Identity Workshop to jump-start art and ecology organizational start-ups, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

2017 Garden Centre, curated art and ecology hub with 14 participatory projects and a garden-making activity pavilion. Big On Bloor Festival, Toronto

2017 Place and Placement, curated exhibition with16 artists, workshops and discussion bringing together artists and community to advance ideas for an art embedded walking initiative, Reimagine Galleria Mall, Toronto

2017 Spot Gardens art and garden-making including marking an art garden corridor linking residential, commercial and institutional sites.

2016 Bee Aware Junction Festival Project, How We Live In Cities art and ecology hub focused on pollinating gardens, Dundas Street, Toronto

2016 Green Asset Map, Spot Projects, How We Live In Cities exploring city-building. BIG on Bloor Festival, Toronto

2015 Asphalt Gardens Plants, leaves and flowers were scanned from residential gardens, parks, railway lands, side-walk cracks and teaching gardens and created as 29 street light banners for Bloor Street, Toronto 

2015 Green House, large-scale images of plants collected on the west-end, rail-path create the wall of Green House housing related poetry. BIG on Bloor Festival

2015 JOY Festival, participation activities focused on the theme JOY. BIG on Bloor Festival, Toronto 

2015 Bloordale Index Nuit Blanche project light sculptures created in participation with Toronto School of Art and the Bloordale community. Toronto 

2015 When Lines Cross Daniel Libeskind drawing realized by Dyan Marie as public art sculpture for L Building, Toronto

2014 Bloordale Streetscape Renewal Creative Director for Bloor Street streetscape redevelopment with new sidewalks, trees, tree-guards, side gardens, seating areas and sidewalks. Created community-involved public-art sidewalk inlays.

2014 BIG on Bloor Festival: A festival founder and the creative director, the festival is now in its 7th year with up to 85,000 people attending and features original programs of art, photography and community projects.

2013 Field Trip Japan: Various participation projects: banner installations, walks, talks, workshops in Onagawa, Osaka, Kamiyama, Japan to witness and respond to tsunami devastated community and contribute to recovery efforts. Field Trip Japan residency.

2013 Tell Me: Nuit Banche Telephone Sanctuary: Telephone booth designed with a pattern of fixed quarter coins and related voice message offered as, part confessional, and part interrogation booth.

2013 WALK HERE Bloordale: Hundreds of flower drawings were collected in the Bloordale community, 130 were recreated in stainless steel and inlayed into the Bloor Street sidewalk. City of Toronto

2012 Culture Works: Curated and produced project that brought 22 cultural institutions to Bloor Street’s BIG on Bloor Festival – each with original program developed for Bloordale’s two-day festival. With Bloor Improvement Group and the Bloordale BIA.

2012 Acts of Poetry: Created a series of sculptural forms and invited poets to use them as surfaces to add their word in collaboration with Toronto New School of Writing. Dupont Projects 

2012 Poetry At Coffee Time Poetry read at the Coffee Time, Bloor and Dupont to identify a high needs blind spot – The Coffee Time is located in an industrial area evolving into mixed use with a uranium plant, high needs housing, PCBs and rapid condoization competing in the same block.

2012 Sanctuary, House For Poetry: Transformed a Coffee Time, Bell Telephone booth into a stain-glassed small sanctuary for the local at-risk community. Part of citywide Tel Talk, ins. Dupont and Lansdowne.

2011 The 100 Thousand Poet for Change: Poetry performance at Homes First shelter.

2011 The 100 Thousand Poet for Change: Read and organized 18-poet performance as part of the largest poetry reading in history. 100TPC was located at the House of Lancaster strip club: the event was used to raise funds for Savards, a woman’s shelter for hard-to-house women. Also created poetry tags with 10 poets installed on streetlights. In a connected event - read poetry in the Lansdowne / Wade Bus Shelter.

2011 The Responding Festival: Produced a participatory event with 30 artists contributing for a soon-to-be closed school-ground. Additionally included poetry reading, poetry banners, architecture and dance. The project was developed to claim the site as public space in development plans.

2009 - 2012 Experience Canada: Canadian Experience 3 billboards installed at the Tree Museum in Gravenhurst, Ontario and 19 banners line Bloor Street from Dufferin Street to Lansdowne Ave in Toronto.  New Canadian storeowners on Bloor Street explore the allure of the Canadian landscape as a reason they choose to settle in Canada. Many of them emigrated from politically un-stable countries.
They pose in front of their store and become the landscape they imagine but occupied with their inner-city lives have yet to see. New participation project curated by the Tree Museum, with The City of Toronto and Bloordale BIA.

2010 Bloor Magazine: Projects and publication featuring art, small business and community, 96 pages, four colour, 3000 copies. www.BloorMagazine.com

2009 LAF: Bloor LAF, Light Art Food. Developed collaborative event with store-owners and artists, including 22 restaurants and 100 artists for Bloor Street event.

2009 Free: Four events as part of the BIG Festival with the Bloordale BIA, A Free School, Free Activity, Free Exchange and Free Giveaways.

2008 Unstill: 29 banners line Bloor Street from Dufferin to Lansdowne Ave in Toronto. Each work an original image based on people in the act of walking and accentuated, abstracted ambient colour.

2007 Bloor NIGHTLIGHT: Nuit Blanche, curated events, installations and performances with over 90 professional artist and five schools along two blocks of Bloor Street including the House of Lansdowne strip club.

2007 Better Bloor: Project to engage Bloor Street with events and activities to participate in including replacing broken tiles with small mosaics and the Splash Party. www.bigonbloor.com/betterbloor

2007 Inconvenience Store: Empty store windows along Bloor Street were redesigned as businessless business models. www.spotculture.info

2006 - 08 Vine People: Vine People are ambassadors for action: helping where needed. Some say they are super-heroes, others troublemakers. In a recent misadventure with poison ivy they broadcast, “Vine people are not terrorists”. Installations throughout Bloor / Lansdowne in Toronto and on YouTube - search Vine People

2006 Green Spots: Six out-door urban painting projects, and related painting exhibition “The Paint Jam” at DMP, Toronto and Billboard painting in/with GSpots graffiti persona. www.greenspots.info. Bloor and Lansdowne, Toronto

2003 - 06 Walk Here: A series of public art efforts that encourages the act of walking by creating walkways, walking destinations and events. Walk Here’s art embedded walking system won the City of Toronto’s Green and Beautiful Award. www.walkhere.org

  1. The Tile Project: Over 100 artists, from 40 nations contribute to the Tile Project installed in Walk Here, Wallace Emerson site.
  2. Walking Walk Here: Local children’s drawings that considered neighbourhood surroundings, environmental issues and ways to use parks were developed as stainless-steel cut-outs and installed in the Walk Here walkway.
  3. Constellation: Bronze cast relief sculptures seed the surface of the Walk Here  walkway based on drawings developed from participating artist contributors Vera Frenkel, Monica Tap, Dyan Marie, Lois Andison, Tony Shermann, Margaret Priest, John McKinnon, Ants Reigo, Blue Republic, Dionne Simpson, Snaige Sileika, Eldon Garnet, Guy Walter and Shelley Adler
  4. Contained: Garbage - what it contains, how it’s packaged, its chemical make-up, consuming and recycling ideas and observations, appreciation of design and shape: discarded pop bottles, water bottles, soap containers provided a starting point for this public/community art work. Garbage containers were filled with recycled glass, mirrors and cement then cut in half and installed in the Walk Here walkway to appear as beautiful reminders.


2004 Look Out: Look Here: Holly Jones Project: developed event and exhibition to respond to the brutal murder of local neighbourhood girl, Holly Jones. 250 camera distributed to Holly’s family, classmates and surrounding community to encourage their re-engagement in the neighbourhood, Dupont Projects, Toronto, more information see lookoutlookhere.dyanmarie.com

2004 - 08 Bloor/Dupont West Festival: developed six events including exhibitions at The Massage Gallery (reclaimed massage parlor) “Blind Spot” with UofT other events at Campbell Ave Park House and Dupont Projects, Toronto see www.digin.ca for event list. Also contributed planning and events to festivals for 2005, 2006, 2007 and the BIG Festival on Bloor Street 2008

2003 About Here: artists, architects, landscape architects and community residents develop and exhibit neighbourhood ideas, plans and observations to focus and influence development direction, Dupont Projects, Toronto

2002 Dupont | Dyan Marie Projects: Developed a project and gallery space focused on the exploration, support and advancement of the cultural, urban space as considered through visual community and public art, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, photography.

2002 DIG IN: Diversified Initiatives Guide
Developed an urban intervention art project and a cultural and community initiative. “Community and Cultural Ideas Master Plan” focused on the idea of walking, exhibited and community-wide meetings at Wallace Emerson Community Center, Perth Dupont Library and the Portuguese Sporting Club. 2003 DIG IN: Dupont Improvement Group, a community group was established to support the walking plan and develop on-going community building efforts. See www.digin.ca

2001 1444 Dupont / Campbell Circle, Initiated and designed 1444 Dupont Building D as a condominium building for artist and small businesses. 18 ft high ceiling, cement floors, large windows – units sold, word of mouth, staring from $40,000. 1444 is now a successful building: many of the units are artist owned.

2001 Art and Health: Developed an art and heath program for heath care facilities and applied it to a hospital-wide program at Oshawa General Hospital. The project improved the hospital’s atmosphere and worked to link the hospital to the city at large. Created and managed art projects for seven hospital wards, corridors, lobbies and parkland and curated a related exhibition at the McLaughlin Gallery. Commissioned Robert Burley, Geoffrey James and others to create responsive photography projects. www.dyanmarie.com/SHOW/artatworkprojects/lhc/index.html

1997 - 1999 Whirlwind Lectures: Provided a lecture series bringing together corporate and cultural speakers in an effort to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue and projects.

1986 Cold City Gallery: Founder of Cold City Gallery, the first contemporary, commercial cooperative art gallery developed to support artists ability to bring their work to a public at a time that lacked commercial and institutional opportunities.

1984 C Magazine: Co-founder, contributing editor and art director for Canadian contemporary art publication that was established to draw attention to the activities of the art community developing in the early 1980’s.
Solo Exhibitions


May 2014, “Black Birds”, with 4 related public readings, 26, Toronto, Ontario

October 2010, “Transmissions”, Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

October 2010, “SEE”, Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Project Room for Nuit Blanche Toronto, Ontario

April 2010, “Is There No One In The World Who Can Fly”, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario

April 2010, “Disrupted Pictures”, Kitchener Dalhousie Art, Halifax, Nova Scotia

September, 2009 “Experience Canada: Canadian Experience”, at three sites: 3 billboards at The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Dupont Projects, Toronto and 19 banners installed along Bloor Street, Lansdowne to Dufferin, Toronto and related Bloor Street walking event.

October, 2008 “Walking | Waiting”, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario

September 2007, "Un-still Lives With Traffic" Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto

January 2004, "Brilliantly and Everything Else", (3 sites) Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Dupont Projects and Bloor | Dupont West Toronto. Oil paintings of a middle distance that incorporated a series of working website that open up local urban situations. Additionally, the sites addresses were installed outdoors throughout the Bloor/Dupont West area – each website was an active project.

  1. www.iamalive.ca - A reminder that you are alive. (move your mouse over the surface of the screen to find the message)
  2. www.digin.ca - An urban participatory art project that initiates inclusive community and cultural plans and actions that contribute to neighbourhoods by fostering walking projects and community building efforts.
  3. www.walkhere.org - A community and public artwork that worked to reconnect the Dupont West neighbourhood by creating an art-embedded walking system throughout community that pulls it together as a place and reconnects the area to the city at large.
  4. www.onthecorner.biz - Imagine that you are a prostitute.
  5. www.talkhere.org - A collection of overheard conversations that introduces a level of suspense and reflects localized thoughts of opportunity, frustration, concern or irritation
  6. lookoutlookhere.dyanmarie.com - A community-inclusive photographic project developed in response to the murder of local ten-year-old girl Holly Jones.


April 2001 "Black Flowers", Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto

1999 "Subjected to Change: Armatures for Standing Up" Wynick/Tuck Gallery Toronto, and traveled to Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna BC, fall 99
"Subjected to Change / Armatures For Standing Up" Teenage hockey players, established businesswomen, retired construction workers - Dyan Marie’s digital/photobased works on canvas build homes for them from the materials they touch.

1997 "Murmurs and Messages", Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto
Murmurs and Messages, series of 25, photo based, digitally developed images of flowers, vines and plants seeded with a collection of single word poems.

1996 "Learning to Count", Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto
Learning to Count is a series of works that offers ten phases/ideas intended to represent the way issues surface in the mind. The work constructs a framework to situate continuous shifting concerns in a context of considering new ideas, remembering past concerns and re-remembering past concerns. Concerns and ideas that may be explored and repeated as individuals, as sequential generations and as endless history. These ten works proposed a counting/accounting system developed as a circular progression from one to ten.

1992 "Push/Pull", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1989 "Mud and Flesh", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1988 "Gap", Or Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
1988 "Lodestone", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1986 "Tropism", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1985 "18th Sao Paulo Biennial", Sao Paulo, Brazil
1983 "Swamp/Lust for Life", Art Gallery of Brant, Brantford, Ontario
1982 "Serpentine", Gallery 76, Ontario College of Art, Toronto
1981 "Barrier", A Sculptural Situation," YYZ Gallery, Toronto

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017, Imago Mundi Canada, Palazzo Loredan, Venice, Italy
2017, Place and Placement, Galleria Mall, Toronto
2016, Eutopian, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto
2016, “Photorama” Toronto Image Works, Toronto
2015, “Photorama” Toronto Image Works, Toronto
2015, “Drawing”: Aird Gallery, Toronto
2014, “Field Trip” Cambridge, Toronto, Idea Exchange, School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario
2013, “OK, Let’s Talk About Kamiyama”: school converted art gallery, Kamiyama, Japan
2013, “Japan Field Trip”: residency with various exhibitions and workshops throughout Japan
2013, “Photography and Flowers”, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton
2013 “Pulp” Architecture For Humanity, Metropolis Factory, Toronto
2012, “WTG 45” Project space “It Lasts As Long As It Lasts”, Dyan Marie, Lawrence Weiner, Greg Curnoe, Wynick / Tuck Gallery, Toronto
2012/13 “Field Trip”, Travelling Exhibition, curated by Daisuke Takeya, Japan
2012 “Photography and Flowers”, Peterborough Art Gallery, Peterborough
2012 “Tel Talk”, The Telephone Gallery, Toronto
2012 “Local Call”, The Telephone Gallery, Toronto
2011 “Photography of Holly King, Dyan Marie & Diana Thornecroft”, Glenbow Museum, Calgary
2011 “26”, Montreal, Toronto
2019 “ Waterloo University
2009 “Garage Sale”, Toronto Free Gallery, Toronto
2009 “Ex”, University of Waterloo, Waterloo
2009 “Colette Laliberté, Angela Leach, Dyan Marie, Monica Tap”, Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
2008 “Water10”, Waterloo Wetlands Gallery, University of Waterloo, Waterloo
2008 “The Big Gift”, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
2007 “Love Hate”, New Crowned Glory in the GTA, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto
2007 “Nexus”, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC
2006 “Making Room”, Wallace Ave Project / Gallery Space, Toronto
2006 “Glow: Archive’s 10th Aniversory, Exhibition” Archive, Toronto
2006 “Toronto International Art Fair” Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
2006 “Photorama”, Toronto Photographers Workshop, Toronto
2005 “Cold City Years” The Power Plant, Toronto
2005 “Lakefront” Gallery 1313, Toronto
2004 "8 at 1444", Dupont Projects, Toronto
2004 "Walk Here", Dupont Projects, Toronto
2003 "About Here". Dupont Projects, Toronto
2000 "Physics: Ideas for Public Space", DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto
2000,"Dark Places", Toronto Photographer’s Workshop, Curated by Gary Micheal Dault, Toronto
2000 "Montreal/Toronto Art”, curated by PADAC, exhibited in Toronto and Montreal
2000 "ArchiTexture", Archive Inc, curated by Gary Micheal Dault, Toronto
2000 "Time", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
2000 "Informal Ideas 00.3 (Play)", Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1999 "Art 1999 Chicago", Wynick/Tuck Gallery at Art 1999 Chicago, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois
1999 "The Hand" Powerplant Gallery, Toronto Harbourfront, Toronto
1999 "Informal Ideas, 99.9", Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto
1999 "City of Toronto: Dundas Square Competition", Toronto City Hall, Toronto
1998 "The Word", Art Gallery of North York, North York
1998 "Layers", Chicago International Art fair, Chicago, USA
1997 "The photographic Immaterial Of the Fantastic and the Grotesque", The Museum Of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa, Canada, Canadian Cultural Center, Paris, France
1997 "List at ARCO", ARCO, Madrid, Spain
1996 "The Electronic City", The Design Center, Toronto
1996 "Ten", Cold City Tenth Anniversary, Mercer Union & Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1996 "The Middle Show", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
1996 "List", Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
1995 "Tropism:An Earthwork", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1995 "Home" Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
1994 "Dreaming of You", Garnet Press, Toronto
1994 "CCG Member's Exhibition", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1994 "Mediatrics", CBC Building, Toronto
1993 "Cold City Inaugural Exhibition", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1993 "Daley, Marie, Yanover", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1993 "Art on the Edge", York Quay Gallery, Toronto
1992 "Daley, Marie, Legarra", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1992 "Parts", Canadian Cultural Center, Paris, France and Galeria Carles Poy, Barcelona, Spain
1992 "Beau", Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa and
Canadian Cultural Center, Paris
1991 "Surrounding Identity", The Gallery, Scarborough Campus, University of Toronto
1991 "Artists' Working Research", The Print and Drawing Gallery, Toronto
1990 "Recent Work", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1990 "Lansdowne/Rideau Public Art Exhibition", City Hall, and CHP Heritage Center, Toronto
1990 "Photographic Work", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1989 "Scaled to the Body", The Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough
1989 "Body is a Loaded Word", Evelyn Aimis Gallery, Toronto
1989 "Cold City: New Work Exhibition", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1989 "Faculty & Student Exhibition", Dundas Valley Art School, Dundas
1989 "13 Works", Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
1988 "Little Mysteries", Art Gallery of the University of Lethbridge, Alberta
1988 "International Gallery Invitational", New York, New York
1987 "Temporal Icons", ARC & Mercer Union, Toronto
1986 "Quick Draw", Gallery 76, Toronto
1986 "Inaugural Exhibition", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
1984 "The New City of Sculpture", Mercer Union/YYZ, Toronto
1984 "80/1/2/3/4 Toronto", Mercer Union, Toronto (Exhibition traveled to Open Space Gallery, Victoria and Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver)
1984 "On The Wall", Glendon Art Gallery, Toronto
1983 "Chromaliving", Chromazone at Harridges, Toronto
1983 "Locations National - Lust For Life/Swamp", Mercer Union, Toronto; installation at C.N. Tower Walkway; exhibition maquette at Mercer Union, Toronto; Open Space, Victoria, Off Center Center, Calgary; Optica, Montreal; Eye Level Halifax
1983 "Critics' Choice", Art Rental Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
1983 "Storefronting", Women's Cultural Building, Toronto
1983 "Ideas in Motion", VAV GAllery, Concordia University, Montreal,
1983 "Chromazone/New Year", Chromazone Gallery, Toronto
1982 "Monumenta", YYZ, Toronto
1981 "New Faces", Glendon Art Gallery, Toronto

Public Art, Short-listed and Winning Commissions

Served on the City of Toronto Public Art Committee until 2009 - 2012

• “Bloor Gardens”, Toronto. Bloordale walkway, 2014
• “100”, Toronto Transit Commission, Dundas Station, shortlist. 2009
• “Splash | Falling Water”, 4 Seasons in Yorkville, Large scale, part walkway / part sculpture Toronto, Budget $350,000, Finalist, 2008
• “Looking Up”, College Park Residency, Design for large-scale, free-standing out-door glass sculpture for College and Bay Street. Budget $150,000. Finalist, 2006
• Keniston Park, lead design for a new park with incorporated public art. Budget $350,000. One of three finalist, 2006
• “The Park Is Now”, Markham Centre, six acre park plan intended to become the heart of a new community and new city - Markham City Centre, One of three finalist, Markham, 2004
• "Garden of Hope", High Park, Concept and plan for a large-scale garden that includes a series of fifteen sculptures, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Toronto, 2001- 2003
• Oshawa General Hospital, “Meadows” Photobased images for the Mother and Child Lobby and Ward. 2001
• Royal York Hotel, “Message”, Digital-bases large-scale images on canvas 2001
• GTAA, Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Baggage Claim Hall, short list. 2000
• "The Dundas Square", International competition for the City of Toronto, Toronto, Winning proposal for artworks located at Young and Dundas St., one block site area to be designed as a major public square. Upon winning the competition the art agreement was withdrawn. Budget: $2,500,000, 1998/9.
• "Art and Healing at Oshawa General Hospital", Oshawa, Ontario, 21 patient rooms, corridors and lobby, 1998
• Public Art for Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Finalist, 1995
• "Public Art Ideas Competition for Toronto's Inner Harbour", City of Toronto, Honorable Mention, Budget: $750,000,1993
• "Lansdowne/Rideau Underpass Pubic Art Commission", Commissioned from the City of Toronto, Budget: $85,000, 1993
• "Swamp: Lust for Life", CN Lands, CN, Temporary Walkway, 1983


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Published Writing

Spot Projects / Green Assets, Catalogue 2016
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McMaster Museum of Art, “Rat” poem in Flowers and Photography publication, Hamilton, 2013
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The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, catalogue essay, “Geoffrey James: Park and Gardens of Oshawa” 2001.
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C Magazine, "Michelle Teran / Roland Pouland," review, Issue 52, 1997.
C Magazine, "First Words", artist project, Winter 1994.
M5V Magazine, "Push/Pull", artists project, 1991

Catalogues and Books

“Acker Awards” Impulse B, Toronto, 2017
“Out of the Bush Garden”, Imago Mundi Canada, Francesca Valente, 2017
“Flowers and Photography” McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, 2013
“Disrupted Pictures” Dalhousie Art Gallery, 2010
“The Urban Century”, Canadian Urban Institute, Spring 2008
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“Nexus, Histories and Communities”, Kelowna Art Gallery, Liz Wylie, 2007
“Photography, A cultural History”, Mary Warner Marien, 2002
 “Dark Places”, Toronto Photographer’s Workshop, Gary Micheal Dault, Toronto, 2000
“Subjected To Change”, Margaret Dryden, 1999
“Art with Heart”, Casey House: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
"The photographic Immaterial Of the Fantastic and the Grotesque", Catherine Bedard and Martha Langfort, 1996
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"Beau" Martha Langford, 1992
"Parts", Jeffery Swartz, 1991
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"Scaled to the Body", Illi-Marie Tamplin, 1989
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"Chromaliving", Chromazone, 1983
"Locations/National", Steve Pozel, Mercer Union, 1983


2017, Davenport Canada 150 Leadership Award
2017, Kathy Acker Award
2016, 1st Davenport Environmental Award
2015, TABIA award for Bloordale Streetscape Art and Design
2014, Provincial award for the BIG on Bloor Festival
2013, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Metal
2010, City of Toronto, Award of Appreciation
2008, Canadian Urban Institute, City Soul, Urban Leadership Award
2007, Canadian Student Institute, Community Builder Award
2007, Government of Canada, Community Builders Award
2006, Province of Ontario, Good Citizen Award,
2005, City of Toronto, Clean and Beautiful Award for DIG IN Walk Here
2007, 2010, Toronto Arts Council
1980-84, 86, 87, 88, 92, 03, 08 Ontario Arts Council
1981, 82, 84–87 91, 94, 99, 07,10 Canada Council


Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough
Business Development Bank of Canada, Toronto
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa
City of Toronto, Toronto
External Affairs, Government of Canada
Fidelity Investments, Toronto
Glenbow Museum, Calgary
Kelowna Art Institute, Kelowna, BC
Lakeridge Health Corporation, Oshawa, Ontario
Lenczne, Slaght, Royse, Smith, Griffen, Toronto
Morneau, Sobeco, Cooper & Lybrand
McCarthy Tétrault, Toronto
Osler, Hoskin, Harcourt, Toronto
Tory, Tory DesLauriers and Binnington, Toronto
Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, Montreal
Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent, Belgium
Museum of London, London, Ontario
Museum of Photography, Ottawa
National Gallery Of Canada, Ottawa
University of Leithbridge Gallery, Leithbridge, Alberta
University of Toronto, Dan Donovon Collection, Toronto
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
Various corporate and private collections

Related Press Quotes

Akimbo, June 14, 2017
Place And Placement At Re-Imagine Galleria “ Dyan Marie is one of those people who stubbornly manage to inveigle their way into the public sphere in an official capacity and bring a coterie of creatives along for the ride”. - Terence Dick  


The Toronto Star, Nov 7, 2014
Bloordale Takes Back The Future: Marie’s slog may have lasted decades, but in the life of a city, that’s not long. “Our goal is to create more civic and public space, Marie explains.”. - Christopher Hume 

The Globe and Mail, August 11, 2012
Elegies of the Garden: Dyan Marie’s long horizontal photographs “- yanking the street, the people, the light poles, etc, sideways until the whole streetscape, resembles pulled, very colorful taffy. Thus the flower(s) become pause buttons, starting points for reflection; on the individual amongst the pressing collective ”.- R.M.Vaughan

Toronto Star March 17, 2011
Her Artistry Gets the Neighbourhood Talking: “Dyan Marie’s interested in public space, how art can mark that and, what makes a successful city”.- Jessica Hume

Toronto Star April 24, 2010
Dreamers and Doers: The Fine Art Of Transformation: “Peel back the bricks, the paint and tiles in this west-end community and there’s a good chance you’ll find traces of Marie, whose projects are transforming the neighbourhood.”- Tess Kalinowsky

National Post 2008, June 28, 2008
Why Lansdowne Is On The Up and Up. “She (Dyan Marie) has initiated a number of projects, effectively turning the neighbourhood (Bloor and Lansdowne) into an art gallery.” - Leah Sandals

EYE Magazine, Sept 27, 2007, Cover Story
Nuit Blanche Bloor NIGHTLIGHT - “Dyan Marie brightens up Bloor and Lansdowne’s shadowing streets during the all night annual art party.” - David Balzer

Dart International, Issue 21, Fall 2007,
“Her artist practice reminds one of the early Russian Constructivists, striving to give practical form to the Socialist Dream” – Ashley Johnson

Globe and Mail, Saturday Sept 22, 2007
“Dyan Marie’s tireless efforts have resulted in a myriad of ameliorating projects…exhilarating story…But where the urgencies of activism can engulf and overwhelm any purely aesthetic considerations, this has never happened with Marie.” - Gary Michael Dault

The Globe and Mail, Sat, January 20, 2007
“Painting the Town: At Bloor and Lansdowne, artist Dyan Marie
sees the whole neighbourhood as a work of art.” - Bert Archer

Reading Toronto, GSpots and Vine People, January 3, 2007
“Spot Culture….are initiatives that incubate art projects in spots that need attentions.”
- Gary Michael Dault

Spacing Wired, January 17, 2007
The Vine People “I’ll take Dyan Marie’s humble yet poignantly powerful graffiti mattress! (Bet Tracy Emin wishes she had done it first.)” - Leah Sandals

Woman And Environment Magazine, Fall/Winter, 2006
Transformation In Toronto: The Projects of Dyan Marie, “Dyan Marie has created a series of public art projects to unite and activate her community…” - Joanne West

Spacing Magazine, Fall 2006
Gallery Under Foot, “Dyan Marie has a simple plan for changing neighbourhoods. It starts by walking - in only four years she has already mobilized community residents to build this dream, titled Walk Here.” - Sarah Hood

The Toronto Star, Thursday, November 30, 2006
Painters Jam The Walls (Print and Audio Review) “Dyan Marie is making a tough part of town a smart part of town.” - Peter Goddard

Globe and Mail, March 25, 2006
“Toronto-based artist Dyan Marie reserves her project space for the exhibiting of those all-too-rare emblematic moments in contemporary art where the visual world’s conventional aesthetic and sociological concerns are joined…”

Spacing Magazine, Fall 2006,
“Dyan Marie has a simple plan for changing neighbourhoods. It starts by walking…”

Toronto Life, May 2004, Neighourhoods
“Dyan Marie's passion for the community is contagious. She calls the proposed community walking system "Walk Here", an “art-embedded” walking system, a sort of plain-air gallery with individual works created by local tradespeople and artists. “Our idea is that people can use the park and path as a community centre. It will be a source of pride and indigenous expression.”

Canadian Art Magazine, Winter 2004
Writes… “A catalyst for social awareness in this urban intervention by artist Dyan Marie who brings the idea of community to the art world.”

This Magazine, Nov./Dec.... Issue 2004
Writes “... Dyan Marie’s work lies at the junction of art and activism, in recent years, she’s acquired a reputation as one of the city’s fiercest community advocates.”

Globe and Mail, Jan 24, 2004
Writes “…energetic Toronto-based sculptor, photographer, urban activist and now painter Dyan Marie work relates, in varying ways, to the artist’s remarkably fierce and tireless dedication to urban reinvigoration.”

Eye, Jan 8, 2004
Writes …“Marie consolidates her exploration of the ramifications of development in her work, ‘Brilliantly and Everything Else’.”

The Nation Post, Jan 8, 2004

Writes”… Dyan Marie makes the term “Multi- disciplinary artist” seem too easy. One gets the sense that her work is like a watering hole, providing a moment of pause for the tireless and wholly dedicated community master planner. She’s like a modest Jane Jacobs, armed with art supplies.”





For more information
telephone: 416- 539-8129
email: dyan@dyanmarie.com
website: dyanmarie.com

Black Flowers, 2001
Photobased digital images on canvas
16 inches x 48 inches
For more images click here

Murmur and Messages 1997
Photo/digital image 11in x 33in

Learning to Count 1996
Whirlwind, photobased digital image
3ft x 3ft