3 feet x 3 feet
Formed, Unformed
3 feet x 4 feet
3 feet x 3 feet
Management of Cumulus Clouds
3 feet x 3 feet
Dust and Will
3 feet x 3 feet
Fate Luck Hope
3 feet x 4 feet
Tropism An Earthwork
3 feet x 3 feet
Folded Flesh
3 feet x 4 feet
Seeing With your Eyes Closed
3 feet x 4 feet
Seeing With My Eyes Closed
3 feet x 5 feet
Learning to Count
3 feet x 3 feet
Learning To Count

Photobased digitally-developed images, 1996. To see images, scroll right. >>>

Learning to Count proposes a counting system from one to ten repeated as individuals, as sequential generations and as endless history.

• One is represented by an image of lips pronouncing the word "one" but also appears as a cave of flesh, a dark opening, a mystery, another beginning, another end.
• Two primordial mounds, part mud, moss, flesh, being kneaded into or out of form.
• Three whirlwind shapes in the palm of my hand.
• Four directions in an organization chart demonstrating planning for the progression of cumulus clouds
• Five muddy reflecting pools scraped out of an aerial view of Toronto
• Six electric points of attention on a fragmented root system
• Seven plantings of tree formations; planned as an earthwork, developed as public gardens, and intended as a model to protect farmland from urban encroachment.
• Eight pressure points on the folded creases of the body.
• Nine.four fragmented, filtered, visions of holding my children hands
• Nine.five fragmented, filtered, visions of caring, cleaning and holding children while thinking about stories of Cambodian women who became blind after witnessing great cruelty to their families by the Khmer Rouge.
• Ten images of a child's lips sounding out the numbers one to ten. An endlessly repeating primal system of teaching in terms of an individual, generationally and historically.
Learning to Count: a counting, accounting system