Nightlight Poster

Among more than 150 Partnership Projects in 2007’s Nuit Blanche, Bloor NIGHTLIGHT has been singled out by Mayor David Miller as a project not to be missed. Located in the at-risk neighborhood of Bloor Street between Lansdowne and Margueretta, Bloor NIGHTLIGHT takes back the night on September 29, 2007 from 7pm to 7am.


Bloor NIGHTLIGHT’s  initiator, artist Dyan Marie, has curated more than 50 contemporary artists for the event to catalyze a process of revival by introducing engaged art and cultural projects into this at-risk area.  Bloor NIGHTLIGHT explores as its theme the ability of light to transform physical environments, and by extension, refers to the possible use of light to improve the immediate surroundings of the community. Consequently, many of the creations associated with this event will be using light as a medium. With its diverse projects, Bloor NIGHTLIGHT is representative of Nuit Blanche’s intention to “showcase Toronto’s vibrant arts scene and this city’s cultural communities,” and yet it is unique in its programming and objective of social change within a troubled community.


Local City Councillor Adam Giambrone writes: “ I am incredibly proud of our community and the effort they are putting into making Bloor NIGHTLIGHT a success.” Local MP Mario Silva offers: “the event invites the city to witness the start-up of the revitalization of Bloor Street.”  MPP Tony Ruprecht states that Bloor NIGHTLIGHT “promises to be one of this year’s most important and positive events in the area.” Officer Scott Mills from Crime Stoppers sees Bloor NIGHTLIGHT as “a wonderfully original approach to improving communities.” Moreover, Bloordale BIA Chairperson Spiros Komoudoros states: “we welcome and look forward to the transformation that Bloor NIGHTLIGHT will foster.”