Selected Public Art Proposals and Winning Commissions

• 4 Seasons, "SPLASH | Falling Water"
Finalist for 4 Seasons, Toronto, 2008

• "Looking Up"College Park, Bay Street, Toronto
Finalist for Canderel Stonerige, Toronto, 2006

• Markham, "The Park Is Now"
Six acre amenity feature for the new Markham City Centre
Finalist, Markham, 2004

• High Park, Toronto, Garden of Hope.
The Garden of Hope includes sculptures, waterways, fountains, intimate walkways, a shading trellis, a sun filled promenade, long views, and protected retreats. The intention is to create a beautiful space to see into and out from, a sympathetic site for constructing refreshed perspectives. This is a place offered specifically to help reestablish calm, a calm that allows for reflection, a calm that helps to build strength, a calm that is intended to help motivate a healing process., Sponsored by The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Toronto. To be completed 2003

• "Parc Downsview Park", International competition for the City of Toronto.
As part of the cultural consultant team to Rem Koolhaas, Bruce Mau and David Oleson, Marie proposed six themed walkways that worked to rescue user’s from day to day anxiety. 2000 - ongoing

• Oshawa General Hospital, Oshawa, Meadows.
images made from the folds of women’s flowered clothing. The works explore the endless supply of patterns created for and by women that essentially enfold women’s bodies within fields of flowers. The patterns suggest sensuality without being pointedly sexual, a source of comfort and complexity, an indirect way to present concepts of fertility, fragility and endurance.
The patterns also reference ancient, cross-cultural traditions of flower offering to express concern, empathy and goodwill. They may additionally act as a reminder of early memories of security found in the folds of a mother's clothing
Photobased images for the Mother and Child Lobby and Ward. Completed 2001

• Royal York Hotel, Toronto
Digital-bases large-scale images on canvas. Copmpleted 2001

• GTAA, Lester B. Pearson International Airport ,
Baggage Claim Hall, short list. 2000

• The Dundas Square, Toronto
International competition for the City of Toronto, Toronto, Winning proposal for artworks located at Young and Dundas St., one block site area to be designed as a major public square. Upon winning the competition the art agreement was withdrawn. 1998/9.

•Oshawa General Hospital, Oshawa, Ontario, Murmurs and Messages.
21 patients rooms, corridors and lobby. Completed 1998


• Public Art For Whitby Phyiatric Hospital, Whitby Phyiatric Hospital
Finalist, 1995

Public Art Ideas Competition for the Inner Harbour, City of Toronto, History of Histories.
A series of inlayed pathway record the passing of life in terms of our primordial beginnings, written history, personal history and a memorial to a sense of spirit. Honorable Mention,1993

• Lansdowne/Rideau Underpass, City of Toronto, Passageway.
A series of inlaid forms inset into the walls and sidewalks of the underpass so that the artwork is offered as a process of finding, of making accidental discoveries that create a personal experience. Commissioned from the City of Toronto. Completed 1993

• CN Lands, CN, Toronto. Swamp:Lust for Life,
Temporary Walkway. Completed 1983.

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