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EYE Magazine,September 27, 2007
“Dyan Marie shines an artful light on her neighbourhood."
Nuit Blanche, Bloor NIGHT LIGHT.
Cover, Insert, Article
EYE Magazine, March 1, 2007
“ A Greener Scene. Dyan Marie’s Vine People deepen our roots in the neighbourhood’
The Globe and Mail, Jan. 20, 2007
“ Painting the Town: At Bloor and Lansdowne, artist Dyan Marie sees the whole neighbourhood as a work of art”.
  Reading Toronto, January 3, 2007
“ Spot Culture….are initiatives that incubate art projects in spots that need attentions..”
WEI Woman And Environment, Fall , 2006
Transformation In Toronto: “Dyan Marie has created a series of public art projects to unite and activate her community…”
  Toronto Star, November 25, 2006
Audio cast... “Dyan Marie is making a tough part of town a smart part of own”.
Spacing Magazine, Fall Issue, 2006
Writes... “Dyan Marie has a simple plan for changing neighbourhoods. It starts by walking - in only four years she has already mobilized community residents to build this dream, titled Walk Here”.
Toronto Star, November 25 and 30, 2006Audio cast... “Dyan Marie is making a tough part of town a smart part of own”.
  Globe and Mail, March 25, 2006
Writes...“Toronto-based artist Dyan Marie reserves her project space for the exhibiting of those all-too-rare emblematic moments in contemporary art where the visual world’s conventional aesthetic and sociological concerns are joined...”
The National Post, Jan. 8, 2004
Writes “... Dyan Marie makes the term “Multi - disciplinary artist” seem too easy. One gets the sense that her work is like a watering hole, providing a moment of pause for the tireless and wholly dedicated community master planner. She’s like a modest Jane Jacobs, armed with art supplies”
This Magazine, Nov./Dec.... Issue 2004
Writes “... Dyan Marie’s work lies at the junction of art and activism, in recent years, she’s acquired a reputation as one of the city’s fiercest community advocates.
The Expositor, Oct. 21, 2004
Writes “... Dyan Marie has created a number of art Interventions – interactive exhibitions which tackle inner city ills. “I’m responsive to the environment around me,” she says of her extensive experience in public art, “and that informs the works I make.”
  Globe and Mail, Jan. 24, 2004
Writes “...energetic Toronto-based sculptor, photographer, urban activist and now painter Dyan Marie work relates, in varying ways, to the artist’s remarkably fierce and tireless dedication to urban reinvigoration.”
Eye, Jan. 8, 2004
Writes ...“Marie consolidates her exploration of the ramifications of development in her work, “Brilliantly and Everything Else”
Canadian Art Magazine, Winter Issue 2004
Writes... “A catalyst for social awareness in this urban intervention by artist Dyan Marie who brings the idea of community to the art world.”
  Toronto Life, Neighourhoods, May 2004,
“ Dyan Marie’s passion for the community is contagious. She calls the proposed community walking system “Walk Here”, an “art-embedded” walking system, a sort of plein-air gallery with individual works created by local tradespeople and artists. “Our idea is that people can use the park and path as a community centre. It will be a source of pride and indigenous expression.”

Selected Articles and Reviews

• The Globe and Mail, “Elegies of the garden”, R.M.Vaughan, August 11, 2012
• The Torontoist, “Telephone Booth Take Over”, Corbin Smith, June, 2012
• Live With Culture, “Bloordale Puts Culture on Work”,, Christopher Jones, July 18, 2012
• Live With Culture, “Lansdowne Light Box”,, Christopher Jones, May 28, 2012
• Vie Des Arts, “Worknest/See”, Ashley Johnson, Issue 221, 2011
• The Toronto Star, “Her Artistry Gets The Neighbourhood Talking”, Jessica Hume, March 17, 2011
• PhotoEd Magazine, “Experience Canada”, Tilla Kellman, Winter Issue Pg 26,27, 2010/11
• The Chronicle Herald, “Landscapes Shake the Viewer Up”, Elissa Barnard, Fri, May 7, 2010
• The Toronto Star,  “The Fine Art Of Transformation”, Tess Kalinowski, Sat. April 24. 2010
• Gavenhurst Banner, The Tree Museum New Works, 2009
• The National Post “Why Lansdowne Is On The Up, Public Art”, Leah Sandals, June 28, 2008
• National Post, Steps Toward Urban Renewal, David Hamilon, Sat. Oct 20. 2007
• Living In Toronto, Live interview: CBC 2007
• EYE Weekly, Cover Story, Nuit Blanche, Dyan Marie brightens up Bloor and Lansdowne's shadowy streets during the annual all night art party, David Balzer, Sept 27, 2007
• Globe and Mail, Dyan Marie: Unstill Lives with Traffic, Gary Michael Dault, Sept 22, 2007
• Design Lines, The Vine People, Fall issue 2007
• The Globe and Mail, Painting the Town: At Bloor and Lansdowne, Bert Archer, Jan. 20, 2007
• Reading Toronto, “Spot Culture”, Gary Michael Dault, January 3, 2007
• WEI Woman And Environment, Transformation In Toronto, Fall/Winter 2006/7
•Toronto Star, Painter’s Jam, Peter Goddard, Nov. 30, 2006
• Spacing Magazine, Gallery Under Foot, Fall 2006
• Globe and Mail, Life’s a beach and then you exhibit, Gary Michael Dault, July 9, 2005
• This Magazine, Question Authority, Nov./Dec., 2004
• Toronto Life, Neighbourhoods, Andrea Curtis, May 2004
• The Globe and Mail, Dyan Marie, Gary Dault, Jan. 24, 2004
• The National Post, Graffiti-based activism / Brilliantly and Everything Else, Julia Dault, Jan. 8, 2004
• The Villager, “DIG IN Neighbourhood” June 2003
• Landscape/Paysages, “Garden of Hope” Vol. 3 No. 2, Fall 2001
• The Globe and Mail, “ Images to wander through, if only in the mind”, Gillian MacKay, May 12, 2001
• The Globe and Mail, “The yearning ache of growth”, Gary Michael Dault, April 14, 2001
• The National Post, Getting “Back to the Garden”, John Bentley Mays, April 21, 2001
• The Globe and Mail, “Dyan Marie and James Lahey at Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Gary Michael Dault, May 8, 1999
• The Globe and Mail, “Calm eye in urban storm”, Pamela Young, January 2, 1999
• The Globe and Mail, “Colour-saturated photography exhibit says it with flowers”, Gillian McKay Sept.13, 1997
• Parachute Magazine, “The photographic Immaterial Of the Fantastic and the Grotesque”, Vivicent Lavoie
• The Globe and Mail, “Artist achieves digital depth”, John B Mays, May 29,1996
• The Toronto Star, “Sweet Marie”, Christopher Hume, May 9, 1996
• Globe and Mail, “These Lists Can’t Be Missed”, John Bently Mays, Feb. 10, 1996
• Globe and Mail, “Public Art”, John Bently Mays, April 1, 1995
• Canadian Art, “Unsuspecting urban”, Sarah Milroy, Fall 1993, Volume 10, Number 3
• The Toronto Star, “Brovo to city for artsy tunnel”, Christopher Hume, Sept. 4, 1993
• The Sun, “Open to the Public”, Lisa Balford Bowen, August 15, 1993
• The Globe and Mail, “Daley, Marie, Lagarra”, Kate Taylor, Nov., 1992
• The Globe and Mail, “Dyan Marie”, Kate Taylor, Feb. 14, 1992
• The Globe and Mail, “Two underpasses in Toronto win awards for good design”, March 26, 1990
• The Globe and Mail, “Seeking a Fresh Take on the Body”, Sept. 4, 1989
• The Globe and Mail, “Summer Exhibitions”, John Bently Mays, July 9, 1988
• The Globe and Mail, “Hot stuff at Cold City”, John Bently Mays, Feb. 6, 1988
• Now Magazine, “Temporal Icons”, Jane Perdue, March, 1987
• The Globe and Mail, “Gems amid the ruins of Queen St. scene.”, John B. Mays, Mar. 14, 1987.
• Vanguard, “Dyan Marie”, Jennifer Oille Sinclair, Feb./March, 1987
• The Globe and Mail, “Tropism”, John Bently Mays, October 30,1986
• The Toronto Star, “Hot and Cold”, Christopher Hume Sept. 5,1986
• The Globe and Mail, “New set of rules”, Robert Evertt-Green, Sept. 4,1986
• Now Magazine, “Inaugural Exhibition”, Jane Perdue, Aug. 21, 1986
• Artnews, “Alternatives to the Alternative Gallery”, Fall, 1986
• C Magazine, “Free at Last, Toronto Painting & Sculpture”, Donald Kuspit, Winter 1985
• Vanguard, “New City of Sculpture”, Goldie Rans, Nov., 1984
• The Globe & Mail, “The flowering of a creative discontent”, John Bentley Mays, Sat. March 17, 1984
• Vanguard, “Chromazone/New Year”, Jennifer Oille, May 1983
• The Toronto Star, “January doldrums broken by group show”, Christopher Hume, Jan. 22,1983

Exhibition Catalogues and Books

"Cold City Years" The Power Plant, 2006
“Photography, A cultural History”, Mary Warner Marien, 2002
"Dark Places”, Toronto Photographer’s Workshop, Gary Micheal Dault, Toronto, 2000
“Subjected To Change”, Margaret Dryden, 1999
“Art with Heart”, Casey House,1997, 98, 99, 01,02,07
“The photographic Immaterial Of the Fantastic and the Grotesque”, Catherine Bedard and Martha Langfort, 1996
“Decalog, YYZ”, Barbara Fisher/YYZ Gallery, 1993
“Beau” Martha Langford, 1992
“Parts”, Jeffery Swartz, 1991
“Surrounding Identity”, Melanie Zeldman, 1991
“Scaled to the Body”, Illi-Marie Tamplin, 1989
“Lodestone”, Cold City Gallery, 1988
“Temporal Icons”, Jerry McGrath, 1986
“18th Sao Paulo Biennial”, Richard Rhodes, 1985
“New City of Sculpture”, Bruce Grenville, C Magazine, 1984
“Artists and Their Works”, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1984
“Chromaliving”, Chromazone, 1983
“Locations/National”, Pozel, Mercer Union, 1983