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How Things Stand Up

Photo-based, digitally developed performance images and animations

Is There No One in the World Who Can Fly? Video and animated projected images and digital frames

Vine People mark sites of interest, in public spaces, that need attention. Half human, half plant, they are based on indigenous trees, plants and four species of vines: Bittersweet, Virginia Creeper, Virgin's Bower and Poison Ivy, found on walks in the local neighbourhood.

Vine People are ambassadors for green action: helping where needed. Some say they are super-heroes, others troublemakers. In a recent misadventure with poison ivy they broadcast, “Vine people are not terrorists”.

Un-Still Lives with Traffic
Bloor Street and Lansdowne Ave.
Talk Here
From conversations overhead while walking.
I Am Alive
Scroll | search the surface for a reminder message | You Are Alive.
Walk Here
Multi-projected, art-embedded walking system,
developing with wide community support and participation.
On the Corner
Invitation to imagine that you are a prositute.
Look Out Look Here
Memorial project and exhibition event that encouraged walking in the neighbourhood after the brutal murder of a local 10-year-old girl.
Subjected to Change: Armatures for Standing Up
Houses made from the objects owners' touch. Floorplan | Garden | Window.
Murmurs and Messages
Flowers from St Clarens Street seeded with one word poems.
Learning to Count
Three whirlwinds in the palm of my hand. Counting | Accounting system.